<aside> ✅ Setup time: 3 minutes


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Stable Diffusion is a state of the art text-to-image model that generates high fidelity images from your text prompts.

Stable Diffusion is a heavy AI model and needs GPU to render images quickly. On CPUs, it is very slow. On the other hand, GPUs are very costly on a Cloud platform.

What if you could get a ready to use Stable Diffusion app on GPU servers at very low cost?

<aside> 🥳 Introducing: Dedicated Stable Diffusion GPU Instance on Q Blocks


When we say dedicated, it means you can launch a GPU powered instance of Stable Diffusion dedicated to your account on Q Blocks at no extra cost. This results in faster renders of high quality images while being ultra low cost.

This is a No Code Solution. Thus, you don’t need any coding skills to launch Stable diffusion GPU server on Q Blocks.

To get started simply follow this 30 second video or follow these 3 steps:

3 Steps to run Stable Diffusion Instance on Q Blocks:

  1. Login to Q Blocks dashboard.
  2. Select a GPU server with Stable Diffusion Image.
  3. Launch the Instance and wait for a couple of minutes to get access. Then click on “select an action” dropdown and click on “Connect” button to access Stable diffusion interface. That’s it!

Once you are in the Stable Diffusion Web Interface simply click on “Generate” button to load the model. After the model is loaded, you can enter your text prompt in Text Area and Generate realistic images with Stable Diffusion Model.